Aaron Wood

The wind brushed against his outstretched fingers as his arms swung with each slow stride. The gust sent a rush of energy through Aaron, passing a fresh state of being that was acknowledged cortically, reigniting old pathways. He felt strong again as the acceptance of how things were washed over him while his eyes looked on at the tree-lined city street and the approaching storm.

Aaron’s face pushed out and into the water that hurtled horizontally through the charging air; each energised droplet revitalising the smiling mask of skin. He shook a few from the ends of his beard with a renewed stride.

As a high branch finally gave in to the will of the wind, Aaron realised with a chuckle how useful a dense arching bush of blackberries would be towards contributing cover and sustenance at this location. Aaron made a subtle somatic movement and it was so. The sudden growth tore from the concrete pavement, arched across the path and bowed slightly as the plant cushioned its cousin’s falling arm while Aaron stepped low and under. He then returned to his full height, cradling an armful of berries and chewing the best that was given.

Aaron scattered the black ripe berries into a sheltered bank of roots, old leaves, and earth that ran alongside the path. Several pairs of eyes already began to appear - curious and excited for the prospect of food this late into the year.

A surge of electrical tingles lifted Aaron’s hair on end before he saw the sky strike a yacht’s mast in the distance. Aaron stopped smiling, whispered a sound like a shaken pepper pot, and bounded into the air towards one of the domesticated trees. Landing for a moment, Aaron then leapt on, nimbly bouncing on his limbs from trunk to branch in rapid succession to the harbour; momentum driving his acceleration.

Aaron dropped from the highest tree that hung its branches lazily over the man-made harbour. He grabbed a single white feather from his belt pouch and held it to his chest as he floated, spiralling slowly towards the boat that had caught his attention. There were already flames licking at his feet before he landed but with a quick spit of saliva the worst around him was extinguished.

A stillness hung around Aaron while he closed his eyes for a moment. As if suddenly waking from a dream, his eyes snapped open and his legs sprung into motion, sending the rest of him down the steps that led into the heart of the ship. The fires roared louder down there and the wood smoke shoved the breathable air aside and out. Aaron tore at a low run in a straight line towards some invisible target.

With the lightest movement, Aaron reached down and picked up a lumpy form and tucked it under an arm. Satisfied with his load, Aaron deftly turned and ran back the way he came, bursting out from the hold with a whipped up plume of smoke behind him as he again leaps up into the air.

With a thud, Aaron landed back on the pavement and dropping to a knee, allows the bundle to uncurl slowly on the cool concrete. Red crying eyes look up at him and he embraces the young person then gifts a wrap of berries and carries on his way along the road - further into his storm.