When all the dust rises from our floor
We then know all this time is up

A creature grabbed at my flank as I strode through the noisy-brown market alleyways that led through to the main commercial district of the plaza. Barely noticing this brisk assault I stride through, slipping this and that, swimming the bartering people of the South towards the palace whore house; my goal.

It wasn’t long before I was noticed leaving the busy crowds of the market fogs in pursuit of a prize less than certain but more than desperate. I picked up the pace and darted irregularly away from any chance of embrace.

The clock above thumped another drift of time.

I was already staring down the guards outside my previous employer’s address. The pimp, nowhere to be seen. I lifted my head, checked my left breast and its configuration and marched full swing straight at the two men and their knives.

I stopped. The two of them now arching over my inflated yet still diminutive figure, one wiping his weapon on his sack pants, the other leeringly producing spittle in hunger of a fight or a fuck. I wasn’t here to ask. I grabbed the first around the ankle and sprang backwards lifting his leg high before pulling him apart in an agonizing and embarrassing way bringing tears and whoops from an onlooking party to my right. Without pausing for breath, I flicked my powder from the earring, clouding the alarmed face in front and level with my own. A breath. A convulsion. A pop as the man’s lungs and capillaries separate at a subcellular level.

The man now pinning me violently slips away.

Another movement and the meat of the other man supporting a head comes apart and falls to the ground.

I walk inside the whore house and look around. I surprise a girl and a client before realising that I once knew this naked blonde in heels long ago. Another life. I torch the man before leaving a tip.

His office. He’s staring out the large framed window. Out into the desertscape in front of him. Looking for purpose? Perhaps not. Perhaps more hosts. Perhaps me.

I let him notice me. It doesn’t last.